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Payroll Management

Managing our client’s payroll mainly focuses on the management of paying wages, salaries and allowances. This is managed in a systematic manner with the pay and tax laws, our client’s pay policy, accurately and in a timeliness manner. In doing these, all factors related to payment of wages and salaries including taxes (PAYE), social security, provident and/or insurance fund deductions are appropriately handled.

Talent Management

Talent management encompasses all activities required to recruit, retain and develop talent, as well as having the right structure and processes in place to ensure professionals can perform optimally. Key propositions include strategic workforce planning – the science to anticipate on present and future human capital needs by matching business goals with HR data – recruitment & retention, workforce effectiveness and performance management At MS Staffing we help organisations recruit the right talent, develop them, manage their expectations and develop plans to retain them.

Performance Management

Performance management integrates many elements of successful people management such as setting goals and expectations, giving continuous feedback, recognising and rewarding performance, creating development opportunities and improving the skills levels of staff. We understand that many businesses are so busy with financing, marketing and sales that their employee performance is often neglected…but at what cost? High performing staff can provide a clear differentiator to your competitors and we can provide the expertise to: • Align staff objectives to your business goals • Improve performance levels • Facilitate regular performance feedback • Develop staff skills, knowledge & experience By implementing training and development in the work place, you are not only creating a benefit for employees by enhancing their skills but you create a return on your investment by enhancing their performance..

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    HR manager

    "Logiciel limited have not been so certain about the corporate culture that will sharply project our core values as this time. Thanks to the expertise of MS Staffing, we don't just speak about our values as an organisation, we are able live them through our staff. Kudos to the team at MS Staffing!"

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    Chief Business Development Officer, Logiciel Limited

    "MS Staffing is our HR Business Partner and we have had a very positive experience with the company. We were maneuvering our way in an already struggling economic environment when the coronavirus pandemic hit."

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